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Student Portfolio

When I started to put my student portfolio together many years ago, I was constantly frustrated that I didn't really have an understanding of what the makeup should be. As an aspiring Art Director, what is it that could best fill out my book and help me land that first chance. Luckily, the place I had wanted to work at, Rethink, had just that thing. A sample portfolio of a creative hired out of school to Rethink. So it totally helped me have an understanding of how to shape my own book to accomplish that (which I did funny enough, I was hired as an Art Director at Rethink for my very first ad job). 

So in that same spirit, I wanted to put my student portfolio out there for any aspiring creative who wanted to see what an art directors book could have looked like coming out of school 10+ years ago. I think it is super helpful to look at our past past books and open them up to everyone. There is a lot in them that is working, sometimes it was the beginnings of some good art direction taking place, or maybe some interesting design principles surfacing through, here and there I can see where I was trying to push the strategy, or maybe trying to land an insight. I think it is safe to say they didn't all ever come together (lol) but so helpful to remind myself, and hopefully anyone else, that ya just gotta keep trying. It will come together eventually (although not in any of this work exactly).


The brief was to reposition ballet for a new generation and a whole different audience – sports fans. How to capture the extreme physical nature of ballet, the years of training and endurance, the plethora of injuries, and ultimately, the sheer determination that ballet requires is no different than any sport out there.

The National Ballet

The Boy Scouts

BoyScout Print 1.jpg

The Boy Scouts were on the decline in the 21st generation. Recruitment was struggling and needed to connect with a new generation. The brief was to connect with the imagination of a new generation; one that was rooted in video games as a place of adventure, rather than the outdoors.


Aakash was a proposed inexpensive tablet to launch into emerging countries as an accessible tech for elementary aged children. With the lofty ideal of universalizing access to technology, the brief was to capture the possibilities of technology and what it could afford to the possibilities for all children.


Wellington Beer


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Covenant House

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West End Food Co-Op


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Stride Gum

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City Harvest

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